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"This film is a stunner."

- Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director of Toronto International Film Festival -

"A project of modest scope, Bena seems at first a naturalistic story of a man (Shmuel Vilozni), caring for his schizophrenic son (Michael Moshonov) at home, who takes in a Thai woman (Rachel Santillan) in danger of deportation. The motivations of all the characters are artfully obscured, and at first we might question the authenticity of the son’s insanity and the plausibility of the woman’s new role in the troubled home. But small flashes of mood coloration, both lighthearted and surreal, gradually distance us from a realist stance and suggest a more abstract, fabulous reading, which makes better sense of the ominous geometry of the story. Ending the film on a satisfying note of quiet fatalism, Klainer is a talent to watch."

- Dan Sallitt, Senses of Cinema -

BENA - Trailer

BENA - Trailer


Amos is hiding Yurik, his schizophrenic son, at home.

One day, he comes across Bena, a Thai illegal worker looking for shelter.

When he decides to offer her to stay at his place, 

the delicate balance in the house is bound to change. 

Running Time - 83 minutes